Our Story:

It all began with a love for crafting.  Since I was little, I loved to make things.  Creating something was so amazing for me.  Then I learned soap making and developed a passion for artisan soap and a nerdy enthusiasm for chemistry,  The Soap Brewhouse began.
I began making olive oil soaps and trying out various butters & oils to make the ultimate soap recipe for my budding line of soap products. Always wanting to use wholesome ingredients, I'm proud to offer my products to people who are looking to reduce & eliminate products containing chemicals & synthetic detergents.

What's with the beer?......

The beer soap journey began about a year later (2014).  A friend, soap lover, and fellow craft beer enthusiast asked if I could make him beer soap (originally for Christmas gag gifts) for fellow friends and family.  The response was, lets say, more than awesome, so I set out to create a line of  beer soaps that embraced the craft beer connoisseur. The best thing about the beer in soap is it adds lather!

Wax melts launched Fall 2017 with great interest!  People know quality! I only use the finest American soy wax and premium, phthalate-free fragrances.  
Spring 2018, I launched a small line of bath bombs & shower steamers.  Sinus Relief Shower Steamers are so far, a big hit! 

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